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The brain child of Kari Jaffe, TYL was created in order to bridge the gap from the yoga room to the street. Designed to be the home for all facets of a yogic lifestyle, in an effort to spread awareness and a higher consciousness. Services include private yoga instruction, group lessons at schools, tailor made programs for athletes, hosting events that shed light and awareness on important causes, as well as a foundation fostering support of a growing yogi community.


Kari Jaffe

Health and fitness came into my life exactly when I needed it most. Yoga allowed me to grow in ways I could never have imagined. It made my limbs suddenly feel stronger and more toned. It brought attention to detail and precision to other activities I did in my life. Then, it started to change my mind. I became more aware of habits, both good and bad. I started to listen more, not just to the people around me, my body, my intuition. It gave me will power I never knew I had. It gave me fortitude, strength, perseverance, courage, SELF LOVE.

I am a vibrant, tenacious, and gregarious teacher. I have been teaching yoga since 2013, receiving various certificates over multiple lineages. While I teach nearly 30 public classes a month, I have also brought my vast experience to health and wellness retreats, mindfulness workshops, the festival community, corporate offices, professional athletes and many private clients. I am the creator of an after school yoga program, Practice not Perfect, serving ages 5-15, which is coming up on its fifth year. And my most special project, I am co-creator of Beats Balance Flow, a curated movement to music activation where the vibe is community connecting in consciousness.

My love of yoga allowed me to see people through a different lens. I've learned that we are really all the same. Yes, we look different, with various beliefs on religion, politics, social structure and a multitude of other things. Yet, at the core, we are all beings, breathing life and energy into the people and things around us. Stepping on to your mat is a safe, healing space. A truth seeking space where you acknowledge some very uncomfortable realities about yourself, ultimately, learning to forgive. We are here to share this space and be each other’s sources of strength. This is the gift of union, the gift of Yoga.

Sharing yoga with others has really been the best gift of all.

I am always searching and striving to learn more, so I can be the most effective teacher possible. My style of teaching is mechanical and super anatomically driven. I'm extremely compassionate, but always demanding. I firmly believe that your breath is guiding you. It's always breath first, form second, and the two together will unlock the magic of your practice. I teach my classes based on the functionality of the bodies that surround me. I'm very hands-on and am deeply rooted in alignment, focusing heavily on cues and subtle nuances that start to shape-shift one's physical practice. 

As a student who remains forever interested in her practice, I require that same inquisitiveness from the people who honor me with the duty of teaching them. 

See you on the mat!




Bikram's Yoga College of India Teacher Training

Loyola Marymount University, Yoga and the Healing Sciences 200RYT

Hot 8 Yoga Yin Training