A Mindfulness Program

This program is designed specifically for the high school or collegiate level sportsman and sportswoman.

Created in order to provide a safe and healing space, allowing athletes to perpetuate peak performance from pre-season throughout the grueling and rigorous playing season, with continuity through post season and beyond, allowing sustainability and longevity in their careers.

Yoga for Athletes would compliment your existing strength & conditioning program with a consistent yoga practice designed to prevent injury and promote pliability and flexibility, in so doing, becoming more agile on the field and engineering long lasting medical and mental health benefits.

With a particular focus on using breath to move through body movements, on lengthening muscles, ligaments, and fascia, I will help your student athletes build modality, flexibility, and strength through skeletal structure re-alignment and support  which will provide for greater range of motion. 

Your athletes will find tremendous benefits almost immediately.

Externally, yoga will create better core stability, help tone and lengthen, build strength and lean muscle mass, more often in under utilized areas. 

Internally, the benefits are profound. With a more active focus, athletes will develop an elevated sense of awareness, presence of mind and particular attention to detail. Demonstrating mental control, and quieting the inclinations of the mind, student athletes will maintain silence through all the mental chatter and activity on their specific playing field. 

All of these benefits and more, will very quickly begin to translate to on-field success through increased performance, which in turn will lead to more wins, a priceless investment.