This is an opportunity to deepen your practice on a cellular level. Kari has an expansive bandwidth of knowledge which provides a safe space to explore various lineages of Yoga. 


one on one 

Have you ever wanted to understand more about the mechanics of your yoga postures? Do you find that you plateau and can't seem to unlock certain ares of your body or your spine? Or do you simply care to bring more breath, focus and awareness to your physical practice? During our one on one time, we will explore your strengths and flexibilities through open conversation about the modality of YOUR body.


semi private

Are you part of a community of students who have become friends and you enjoy the energy of practicing with each other? Are you looking to find joy through partner poses and get playful with acro movements? Perhaps you're looking for a great way to kick off a bachelorette party, or a guys night with beer and yoga, or even a family daytime activity to get moving ~ this is for your crew! For the best experience, 10 people or less is recommended. 


corporate events

Bring the Yoga to YOU! Get your class in, on your lunch break without ever getting in your car. Offering classes right on site. Yoga is a perfect way to compliment your day spent at a desk or computer. It is also a wonderful opportunity to offer team building, developing personal strength and group awareness.