”My daughter Alyssa has taken Kari's yoga class at school for almost two years and absolutely loves it! She has become incredibly flexible. Kari recently taught a yoga class for my daughter’s birthday and it was a complete success! All of the girl’s were fully engaged following her yoga poses. She paid careful attention to each girl ensuring their safety. Kari carefully observes her students and pushes them to their next level." 

– Emilie Leigh, parent, Visitation Catholic School


”Kari Jaffe and her yoga program has given our students a unique avenue to experience fitness and mind-body wellness. With specific stretches, breathing techniques and real yoga instruction, our boys and girls have improved academically in the classroom, and improve their social and emotional interactions. We love Kari!”        – Christopher Watson, Principal, Visitation Catholic School


"Kari's presence as a teacher is palpable from the very moment she starts, to not only lead you through a class with alignment, but a sense of safety, ease and humor, which very few teachers have. She makes you smile she makes you think and she inspires you to want more for yourself and even encourages a sense of wanting more for others."

- Loren Cherrstrom, Certified Yoga Instructor since 2003


“Kari is exactly the yoga teacher I was looking for. At age thirty, I began to really feel the lingering effects of my athletic career, my gimpy knee, the aching shoulder, the stiff hips, and I decided to give yoga a try. Of the many yoga teachers I’ve experienced in the last tens years, Kari’s mastery of the yoga postures and sense of how to help each individual really stands out. Kari understands that everyone’s body is different and her teaching style focuses on form and subtle progress, while challenging you and focusing your mind. I highly recommend her for anyone, but especially for athletes or former athletes." 

– Ian Graham, Lawyer, Yoga Student since 2007


“Kari’s teaching is truly transformational, she has the voice, actually and spiritually to inspire and encourage you to your greatest performance. I have been an athlete my entire life starting gymnastics at 4 years of age and am now 66 and performing aerialist tricks. Were it not for my yoga training I am sure I wouldn’t be flying quite as high.”      

- Bobbie Casalino-Lewis, Personal Style Motivator, Yoga Student since 2013